On April 8, 2013 in New York, Michael Kors pleasure announced lady with Oscar winner Halle Berry, Michael Kors Bag harry Berry hand in hand to fight hunger. Berry with Kors as the UN's world food programme (WFP) actively promote, in order to improve the general attention, and hope that through this cooperation to raise more money. Michael Kors mike cross brand has recently announced a long-term cooperation with the WFP's plan, the goal is to raise one million nt dollars, common fight hunger.
Michael Kors mike cross first fund-raising project cooperation with the WFP has been developed, and the brand launch two special design of Michael Kors Runway "100" series of wrist watch, as a brand "against hunger" action of one of the important link. Each sold a wrist watch, WF as the world's largest support fight hunger social organization, will provide 100 meals for children to endure hunger. "100" series wrist watch has a global Michael Kors Outlet stores sold exclusively. In addition, Berry and Kors on-site visit with the WFP is the deployment of the next year, experience charity work, the importance of raising global hunger for the fight against hunger need long-term struggle refueling.
Halle Berry, not only is famous for its talented, more in the years active in public welfare undertakings and make everyone loved her very much. Over the past ten years, no matter the time or money she selfless dedication, more enthusiastic support Los Angeles Jenesse Center, provide help for victims of domestic violence. As Revlon global brand ambassador, she participated in the Revlon woman run/walk public welfare activities, to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. In 2009, she won the Love Our Children "Mothers Who Make a Difference", and fight hunger project is further reflected her concern for women and Children. Berry said: "with Michael Kors Black Bags hand in hand to overcome global hunger, I feel very proud. Statistics show that women account for an important role in the fight against hunger. It particularly focuses on assistance for women, because no matter as a mother, teachers and entrepreneurs, women will be more care about family, also hope to improve community life in the future. I as a woman, very eager to make its contribution, because I am confident that we can make a substantial change for people in need, for they can have the chance of a better life."